90% of global health research & innovation goes to support 10% of the world’s disease burden.

What about everyone else?


Ethonova is a medical device company expanding access to appropriate medical technologies in developing countries. We do that by designing, developing, and distributing appropriate medical devices that transform care in underserved markets. Our vision is a world where medical technologies can reach and be relevant for everyone.

What we believe

01. more appropriate, Not just cheaper

Cost is the entry-level barrier that drives inequality in global health outcomes, but it’s not the only reason that innovations don’t reach all the patients they could. Ethonova strives for both affordability and appropriateness in our designs.

02. Access, not just revenue

Our primary goal is to ensure that the largest number of patients that would benefit from a device or technology, can access it.

03. build the ecosystem

Medical devices need an ecosystem of support services to succeed commercially: infrastructure to train users, conduct device maintenance, distribute products, and comply with regulations. That infrastructure is difficult and expensive to build alone. We want to support an ecosystem of innovation that enables access for everyone, no matter where they live.

04. the metrics matter

What we measure says a lot about what we value. Traditional medtech measures its impact through revenue. We are committed to measuring and communicating not just revenue, but the human impact of our products, and making decisions that prioritize that impact.


Our mission is to design, develop, and distribute appropriate medical devices that transform care in underserved markets.


Who we are

Created by the founders of medical device incubator TheraNova, Ethonova is a 501(c)(3) social impact organization that aims to transform how medical innovations reach emerging markets. As part of the TheraNova ecosystem, Ethonova has access to cutting-edge IP, advanced medical device development experience, and world-class big data and technology expertise in Silicon Valley.

Ethonova’s team has deep experience in medical device development, clinical practice, and operationalizing technology for public health in developing countries.


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